Mark Russo, CEO of Treasure Investments Corporation, balances his professional career with a variety of hobbies and interests.

Treasure Investments Corporation specializes in creating and providing high-quality art pieces (mainly sculptures as well as Americana currency and scripophily collections). As CEO, Mark has overseen the company’s amassment of valuable assets by commissioning a variety of accomplished artists. TIC creates and distributes these works to be auctioned at nonprofit fundraising events, as well as to be displayed at fine art galleries across the United States. Their business model has has created tens of millions of dollars in revenue for the nonprofits with whom they have partnered.

TIC’s business model and emphasis on philanthropy is emblematic of Mark’s passion for fundraising. He does so for organizations on a personal level as well as through his career.

We have a strong focus on philanthropy and are focused on using our resources and collection to support those organizations who are truly making a difference.

Mark Russo

As someone who has successfully built and sold several fine art companies over the years (and even created his own maverick business model within the industry), Mark is an entrepreneur to the core. Because of this, he does a lot of work as an angel investor; he is passionate about supporting innovative companies and up-and-coming professionals who have big ideas.

In his free time Mark is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hiking and fishing. He is sensitive to the environment and is interested in learning about sustainability efforts to protect and preserve the wonders of nature. Mark is also an accomplished jet helicopter pilot.

Mark is the proud father of four sons, and he always enjoys spending time with his family. He resides in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

This blog will focus on Mark Russo’s involvement in his local community as well as his personal hobbies and interests. Stay tuned!

More About Mark

Mark Russo was born and raised in Oregon. He grew up in a family of artists and got involved in the fine art industry at a young age. He has successfully built and sold several fine art companies over the years, including Provenance Fine Art, Fine Art Trust, Inc., Magnum Opus Fine Art Corporation, and several others. Each company excelled within its industry thanks to Mark’s keen business sense; one of which grew to have 150+ employees and a market value of over $450 million dollars in less than two years.